Mission & Vision

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The Small Island States Foundation (SISF) is an independent private sector non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and support applied public policy research into the unique challenges of sustainable development confronted by small island states.

To fulfill its mission, SISF:

  • Edits and publishes articles, interviews, and profiles through its blog about sustainability issues, the people, and the organizations who are meeting these challenges.
  • Supports research and policy proposals relevant to the sustainable development of small island states through grants to independent experts and institutions.
  • Publicizes research and recommendations to policy-makers and the public through reports and policy briefs.
  • Organizes conferences and forums for the discussion of sustainable development issues by island experts, government officials, business leaders, and other interested stakeholders.
  • Provides workshops, training, and consultancy services about sustainability in small island nations, particularly for those involved in the implementation of SISF policy recommendations.
  • Participates in the activities of other complementary governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Our vision is to become a leading grantmaking Foundation with global reach devoted to the creation of policy solutions that bring sustainable development to small island states.  SISF works with experts from around the world whose research and inquiry seeks to address the complex challenges of sustainable growth that are unique to these islands.

The Foundation’s research, writing, and policy recommendations are grounded in the principles of systems analysis, which gains insight into the whole by understanding the linkages and interactions between the parts.  It is from this core principle that integrated, holistic, and inter-sectoral policy recommendations can be made.